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Heard on Radio and TV stations, She is the voice of Soul Train Music Awards and over 100 commercials as well.

She's covered the DNC, RNC, Vote or Die, & Live 8 London for over 300 stations snagging interviews with Bono, Hillary Clinton, Paul McCartney and more. She's provided pop culture perspective on CNN and has hosted Red Carpet for Centric, BET Hip Hop Awards & more.

Ramona recently boast record No. 1 ratings in Atlanta radio during her Midday Stint at V103 (Arbitron 2011-2012).
See Ramona in TV and print ads such as Visa, NFL, Time Life and more. Multi-Talented & Experienced, Ramona is a dominate figure in entertainment.

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VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of The Biggest Loser

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of The Biggest Loser

Go behind the scenes of The Biggest Loser with us as we talk to the trainers! Jessie Pavelka explains why cardio is most important for weight loss, and Dolvett Quince teaches us how to create a “power-pack bite” – his favorite dieting tip.


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VIDEO: Men, Take Back your Bathroom!

VIDEO: Men, Take Back your Bathroom!

Home design duo Mark and Theresa Clemente give bathroom renovation and relationship advice based on a Dove Men+Care survey that shows men are being edged out of their bathroom space and using their wives’ products, instead of choosing shampoos specially formulated for men’s hair care needs like Dove Men+Care.


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VIDEO: Top 10 OutKast Songs

VIDEO: Top 10 OutKast Songs

These guys want everybody to move to the back of the bus. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’€™re counting down our picks for the top 10 OutKast songs.


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VIDEO: So What Exactly Are They Teaching in Harvard’s Beyoncé Class?

VIDEO: So What Exactly Are They Teaching in Harvard’s Beyoncé Class?

You know you’re doing something right when Harvard Business School does a case study about how awesome you are at life. Of course the prestigious university chose Beyoncé as its subject because of her beyond-epic surprise album drop from last year. Prepare to have your mind blown when you hear what went into that insane album aptly titled Beyoncé.


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